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Conference proceedings (refereed & unrefereed)

  1. Cresswell, P., Dirksen, G., Kley, W., Nelson, R. P.
    On the evolution of eccentric and inclined protoplanets embedded in protoplanetary disks
    A&A, 473, 329
    Paper available from ADS.

  2. Clarke, C. J., Harper-Clark, E. & Lodato, G.
    The response of self-gravitating protostellar discs to slow reduction in cooling time-scale: the fragmentation boundary revisited
    MNRAS, 381, 1543
    Paper available from ADS.

  3. Dobbs, C.L. & Price, D.J.
    Magnetic fields and the dynamics of spiral galaxies
    MNRAS, in press
    Paper availabe from ADS.

  4. Stamatellos, D., Whitworth, A. P. & Ward-Thompson, D.
    The dust temperatures of the pre-stellar cores in the ρ Oph main cloud and in other star-forming regions: consequences for the core mass function
    MNRAS, 379, 1390
    Paper available from ADS.

  5. Stamatellos, D., Hubber, D., & Whitworth, A. P.
    Brown dwarf formation by gravitational fragmentation of massive, extended protostellar discs
    MNRAS in press
    Paper available from astro-ph.

  6. Stamatellos, D., Whitworth, A.P., Bisbas, T., Goodwin, S.
    Radiative transfer in SPH and applications in the collapse of molecular clouds
    A&A, in press
    Paper available from astro-ph.

  7. Goodwin, S.P. & Whitworth, A.P.
    Brown dwarf formation by binary disruption A&A, 466, 943
    Paper available from ADS.

  8. Green, A.M. & Goodwin, S.P.
    Mini-halo disruption due to encounters with stars
    MNRAS, 375, 1111
    Paper available from ADS.

  9. Attwood, R.E., Goodwin, S.P. & Whitworth, A.P.
    Adaptive smoothing lengths in SPH
    A&A, 464, 447
    Paper available from ADS

  10. Price, D.J. & Bate, M.R.
    The impact of magnetic fields on single and binary star formation
    Paper available from astro-ph.

  11. Stamatellos, D., Whitworth, A.P. & Goodwin, S.P.
    Observational characteristics of dense cores with deeply embedded young protostars
    Astron. Nachr. 326, 882
    Paper available from ADS

  12. Dobbs, C. & Bonnell, I.A.
    Spiral shocks and the formation of molecular clouds in a two phase medium
    MNRAS, 376, 1747
    Paper available from ADS.

  13. Ayliffe, B.A., Langdon, J.C., Cohl, H.S. & Bate, M.R.
    On the relative motions of dense cores and envelopes in star-forming molecular clouds
    MNRAS, 374, 1198
    Paper available from ADS.

  14. Schekochihin, A.A. & Cowley, S.C.
    Turbulence, magnetic fields and plasma physics in clusters of galaxies
    Phys. Plasmas, 13, 056501

  15. Enßlin, T.A., Waelkens, A., Vogt, C. & Schekochihin, A.A.
    Future magnetic field studies using the Planck Surveyor experiment
    Astron. Nachr., 327, 626

  16. Schekochihin, A.A. & Cowley, S.C.
    Fast growth of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters: a self accelerating dynamo
    Astron. Nachr., 327, 599

  17. Loureiro, N.F., Cowley, S.C., Dorland, W.D., Haines, M.G., Schekochihin, A.A.
    X-point collapse and saturation in the nonlinear tearing-mode reconnection
    Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 235003

  18. Roach, C.M., Applegate, D.J., Connor, J.W., Cowley, S.C., Dorland, W.D., Hastie, R.J., Joiner, N., Saarelma, S., Schekochihin, A.A.
    Microstability physics as illuminated in the spherical tokamak
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 47, B323

  19. Dobbs, C.L. & Bonnell, I.A.
    Clumpy and fractal shocks, and the generation of a velocity dispersion in molecular clouds
    MNRAS, 374, 1115
    Paper available from ADS.

  20. Bonnell, I.A., Clarke, C.J. & Bate, M.R.
    The Jeans mass and the origin of the knee in the IMF
    MNRAS, 368, 1296
    Paper available from ADS.

  21. Nelson, R.P.
    The orbital evolution of low mass protoplanets in protostellar discs
    A&A, 443, 1067
    Paper available from ADS.

  22. Schekochihin, A.A., Cowley, S.C., Kulsrud, R.M., Hammett, G.W. & Sharma, P.
    Plasma instabilities and magnetic-field growth in clusters of galaxies
    ApJ, 629, 139
    Paper available from ADS.

  23. Schekochihin, A.A., Haugen, N.E.L., Brandenburg, A., Cowley, S.C., Maron, J.L. & McWilliams, J.C.
    Onset of small-scale turbulent dynamo at low magnetic Prandtl number
    ApJ, 625L, 115
    Paper available from ADS.

  24. Dale J.E. & Davies M.B
    Collisions and close encounters involving main-sequence stars
    MNRAS, 366, 1424
    Paper available from ADS.

  25. Goodwin S.P. & Bastian N.
    Gas expulsion and the destruction of massive young clusters
    MNRAS, 373, 752
    Paper available from ADS.

  26. Goodwin S.P., Whitworth, A.P. & Ward-Thompson, D.
    Star formation in molecular cores III. The effect of the turbulent power spectrum
    A&A, 452, 487
    Paper available from ADS.

  27. Hennebelle P., Whitworth A.P. & Goodwin S.P.
    A dynamical model for the dusty ring in the Coalsack
    A&A, 451, 141
    Paper available from ADS.

  28. Goodwin S., Hubber D., Moraux E. & Whitworth A.
    The distribution of ejected brown dwarfs in clusters
    Astron.Nachrichten, 326, 1040
    Paper available from ADS.

  29. Lodato G., Meru F., Clarke C. & Rice W.K.M.R
    The role of the energy equation in the fragmentation of protostellar discs during stellar encounters
    MNRAS, 374, 590
    Paper available from ADS.

  30. D'Angelo G., Lubow S.H. & Bate M.R.
    Evolution of Giant Planets in Eccentric Disks
    ApJ, 652, 1698
    Paper available from ADS.

  31. Bonnell I.A. & Bate M.R.,
    Star formation through gravitational collapse and competitive accretion
    MNRAS, 370, 488
    Paper available from ADS.

  32. Clark, P.C. & Bonnell, I.A.
    Clumpy shocks and the clump mass function
    MNRAS, 368, 1787
    Paper available from ADS.

  33. Morris, T. & Podsiadlowski, Ph.
    Anisotropic mass ejection in binary mergers
    MNRAS, 365, 2
    Paper available from ADS.

  34. Dray, L.M., Dale, J.E., Beer, M.E., Napiwotzki, R. & King, A.R.
    Wolf-Rayet and O Star Runaway Populations from Supernovae
    MNRAS, 364, 59
    Paper available from ADS.

  35. Dobbs, C.L. & Bonnell, I.A.
    Spurs and feathering in spiral galaxies
    MNRAS, 367, 873
    Paper available from ADS.

  36. Dobbs, C.L., Bonnell, I.A. & Pringle, J.E.
    The formation of molecular clouds in spiral galaxies
    MNRAS, 371, 1663
    Paper available from ADS.

  37. Nelson, A.F.
    Numerical requirements for simulations of self gravitating and non-self gravitating disks
    MNRAS, 373, 1039
    Paper available from ADS.

  38. Matthews, O.M., Wheatley, P.J., Wynn, G.A., Truss, M.R.
    Propeller activated resonances and the fate of short period cataclysmic variables
    MNRAS, 372, 1593
    Paper available from ADS.

  39. Setiawan, S., Ruffert, M., Janka, H.-Th.
    Three-dimensional simulations of non-stationary accretion by remnant black holes of compact object mergers
    A&A, 458, 553
    Available from ADS.

  40. Rice, W.K.M., Lodato, G., Pringle, J.E., Armitage, P.J. & Bonnell, I.A.
    Planetesimal formation via fragmentation in self-gravitating protoplanetary discs
    MNRAS, 372, 9
    Paper available from ADS.

  41. Fromang, S. & Nelson, R.P.
    Global MHD simulations of stratified and turbulent protoplanetary discs. I. Model properties
    A&A, 457, 343
    Paper available from ADS.

  42. de Val-Borro, M., Edgar, R.G., Artymowicz, P., Ciecielag, P., Cresswell, P., D'Angelo, G., Delgado-Donate, E.J., Dirksen, G., Fromang, S., Gawryszczak, A., Klahr, H., Kley, W., Lyra, W., Masset, F., Mellema, G., Nelson, R., Paardekooper, S.-J., Peplinski, A., Pierens, A., Plewa, T., Rice, K., Schaefer, C. & Speith, R.
    A comparative study of disc-planet interaction
    MNRAS, 370, 529
    Paper available from ADS.

  43. Whitehouse, S.C. & Bate, M.R.
    The thermodynamics of collapsing molecular cloud cores using smoothed particle hydrodynamics with radiative transfer
    MNRAS, 367, 32
    Paper available from ADS.

  44. Bonnell, I.A., Clarke, C.J. & Bate, M.R.
    The Jeans mass and the origin of the knee in the IMF
    MNRAS, 368, 1296
    Paper available from ADS.

  45. Bastian, N. & Goodwin, S.P.
    Evidence for the Strong Effect of Gas Removal on the Internal Dynamics of Young Stellar Clusters
    MNRAS, 369, 9
    Paper available from ADS.

  46. Cresswell, P. & Nelson, R.P.
    On the evolution of multiple protoplanets embedded in a protostellar disc
    A&A, 450, 833
    Paper available from ADS.

  47. Whitworth, A.P. & Goodwin, S.P.
    The formation of brown dwarfs
    Astron. Nachr. 326, 899
    Paper available from ADS.

  48. Lubow, S.H. & D'Angelo, G.
    Gas flow across gaps in protoplanetary disks
    ApJ, 641, 526
    Paper available from ADS.

  49. Hubber, D.A., Goodwin, S.P. & Whitworth, A.P.
    Resolution requirements for simulating gravitational fragmentation using SPH
    A&A, 450, 881
    Paper available from ADS.

  50. Bate, M.R.
    The dependence of the initial mass function on metallicity and the opacity limit for fragmentation
    MNRAS, 363, 363
    Paper available from ADS.

  51. Dobbs, C.L., Bonnell, I.A. & Clark, P.C.
    Centrally condensed turbulent cores: massive stars or fragmentation?
    MNRAS, 360, 2
    Paper available from ADS.

  52. Fromang, S. & Nelson, R.P.
    On the accumulation of solid bodies in global turbulent protoplanetary disc models
    MNRAS, 364, 81
    Paper available from ADS.

  53. Rice, W.K.M, Lodato, G. & Armitage, P.J.
    Investigating fragmentation conditions in self-gravitating accretion discs
    MNRAS, 364, 56
    Paper available from ADS.

  54. Bonnell, I.A. & Bate, M.R.
    Binary systems and stellar mergers in massive star formation
    MNRAS, 362, 915
    Paper available from ADS.

  55. Bonnell, I.A., Robitaille, T., Dobbs, C.L. & Pringle, J.E.
    Spiral shocks and the generation of velocity dispersion in Giant Molecular Clouds
    MNRAS, 365, 37
    Paper available from ADS.

  56. Goodwin, S.P. & Pagel, B.E.J.
    SNII enrichment and the star cluster mass function
    MNRAS, 359, 707
    Paper available from ADS.

  57. Goodwin, S.P. & Kroupa, P.
    Limits on the primordial stellar multiplicity
    A&A, 439, 565
    Paper available from ADS.

  58. Stamatellos, D., Whitworth, A.P., Boyd, D.F.A. & Goodwin, S.P.
    How to identify the youngest protostars
    A&A, 439, 159
    Paper available from ADS.

  59. Clark, J.S., Negueruela, I., Crowther, P.A. & Goodwin, S.P.
    On the massive stellar population of the Super Star Cluster Westerlund 1
    A&A, 434, 949
    Paper available from ADS.

  60. Clark, P.C., Bonnell, I.A., Zinnecker, H. & Bate, M.R.
    Star formation in unbound giant molecular clouds: the origin of OB associations?
    MNRAS, 359, 809
    Paper available from ADS.

  61. Schekochihin, A.A., Haynes, P.H. & Cowley, S.C.
    Diffusion of passive scalar in a finite-scale random flow
    Phys. Rev. E, 70 046304
    Paper available from ADS.

  62. King, A.R., Beer, M.E., Rolfe, D.J., Schenker, K. & Skipp, J.M.
    The population of black widow pulsars
    MNRAS, 358, 1501
    Paper available from ADS.

  63. Lodato, G. & Rice, W.K.M
    Testing the locality of transport in self-gravitating accretion discs - II. The massive disc case
    MNRAS, 358, 1489
    Paper available from ADS.

  64. Dale, J.E., Bonnell, I.A., Clarke, C.J. & Bate, M.R.
    Photoionising feedback in star cluster formation
    MNRAS, 358, 291
    Paper available from ADS.

  65. D'Angelo, G., Bate, M.R. & Lubow, S.H.
    The dependence of protoplanet migration rates on coorbital torques
    MNRAS, 358, 316
    Paper available from ADS.

  66. Slyz, A., Devriendt, J., Bryan, G. & Silk, J.
    Towards simulating star formation in the interstellar medium
    MNRAS, 356, 737
    Paper available from ADS.

  67. Truss, M.R.
    Mass transfer in tidally unstable compact binaries
    MNRAS, 356, 1471
    Paper available from ADS.

  68. Bate, M.R. & Bonnell, I.A.
    The origin of the initial mass function and its dependence on the mean Jeans mass in molecular clouds
    MNRAS, 356, 1201
    Paper available from ADS.

  69. Matthews, O.M., Speith, R., Truss, M.R. & Wynn, G.A.
    The steady-state structure of accretion discs in central magnetic fields
    MNRAS, 356, 66
    Paper available from ADS.

  70. Wolf, S. & D'Angelo, G.
    On the Observability of Giant Protoplanets in Circumstellar Disks
    ApJ, 619, 1114
    Paper available from ADS.

  71. Beer, M.E., King, A.R. & Pringle, J.E.
    The planet in M4: implications for planet formation in globular clusters
    MNRAS, 355, 1244
    Paper available from ADS.

  72. W.K.M. Rice, G. Lodato, J.E. Pringle, P.J. Armitage, & I.A. Bonnell
    Accelerated planetesimal growth in self-gravitating protoplanetary discs
    MNRAS, 355, 543
    Paper available from ADS.

  73. Setiawan, S., Ruffert, M. & Janka, H.-Th.
    Non-stationary hyperaccretion of stellar-mass black holes in three dimensions: torus evolution and neutrino emission
    MNRAS, 352, 753
    Paper available from ADS.

  74. Beer, M.E., King, A.R., Livio, M. & Pringle J.E.
    How special is the Solar System?
    MNRAS, 354, 763
    Paper available from ADS.

  75. Goodwin, S.P., Mestel, J., Mestel, L. & Wright, G.A.E.
    An Idealized Pulsar Magnetosphere: the Relativistic Force-Free Approximation
    MNRAS, 349, 213
    Paper available from ADS.

  76. Truss, M.R. & Wynn, G.A.
    Long time-scale variability in GRS1915+105
    MNRAS, 353, 1048
    Paper available from ADS.

  77. Schekochihin, A.A., Cowley, S.C., Taylor, S.F., Hammett, G.W., Maron, J.L. & McWilliams, J.C.
    Saturated state of the nonlinear small-scale dynamo
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 084504
    Paper available from the APS.

  78. von Rekowski, B. & Brandenburg, A.
    Outflows and accretion in a star-disc system with stellar magnetosphere and disc dynamo
    A&A, 420, 17
    Paper available from ADS.

  79. Goodwin, S.P., Whitworth, A.P. & Ward-Thompson, D.
    Simulating star formation in molecular cores II. The effects of different levels of turbulence
    A&A, 423, 169
    Paper available from ADS.

  80. Abramowicz, M.A., Kluzniak, W., McClintock, J.E. & Remillard, R.A.
    The importance of discovering a 3:2 twin-peak QPO in a ULX or how to solve the puzzle of intermediate mass black holes
    ApJL, 609, 63
    Paper available from ADS.

  81. Török, G., Abramowicz, M.A., Kluzniak, W., Stuchlík, Z.
    The orbital resonance model for twin peak kHz QPOs
    A&A, 436, 1
    Paper available from ADS.

  82. Schäfer, C., Speith, R., Hipp, M. & Kley, W.
    Simulations of planet-disc interactions using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
    A&A, 418, 325
    Paper available from ADS.

  83. Karas, V., Huré, J.-M. & Semerák, O.
    Gravitating discs around black-holes
    Classical and Quantum Gravity, 21, R1
    Paper available from IOP website.

  84. Kurosawa, R., Harries, T.J., Bate, M.R. & Symington, N.H.
    Synthetic infrared images and spectral energy distributions of a young low-mass stellar cluster
    MNRAS, 350
    Paper available from ADS.

  85. Rosswog, S., Speith, R. & Wynn, G.A.
    Accretion dynamics in neutron star black hole binaries
    MNRAS, 351, 1121
    Paper available from ADS.

  86. Rebusco, P.
    Twin peaks kHz QPOs: mathematics of the 3:2 orbital resonance
    PASJ, 56, 553
    Paper available from ADS.

  87. Schekochihin, A.A., Cowley, S.C., Maron, J.L. & McWilliams, J.C.
    Self-Similar Turbulent Dynamo
    Phys. Rev. Lett, 92, 064501
    Paper available from ADS.

  88. Lodato, G. & Rice, W.K.M.
    Testing the locality of transport in self-gravitating accretion discs
    MNRAS, 351, 630
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Heating cooling flows with jets
    MNRAS, 348, 1105
    Paper available from ADS.

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    On the properties of young multiple stars
    MNRAS, 351, 617
    Paper available from ADS.

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    An explanation for the unusual IMF in Taurus
    A&A, 419, 543
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Red giant depletion in globular cluster cores
    MNRAS, 348, 679
    Paper available from ADS.

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    The interaction of planets with a disc with MHD turbulence III: Flow morphology and conditions for gap formation in local and global simulations
    MNRAS, 350, 829
    Paper available from ADS.

  94. Nelson, R. & Papaloizou, J.C.B.
    The interaction of planets with a disc with MHD turbulence IV: Migration rates of embedded protoplanets
    MNRAS, 350, 849
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Critical Magnetic Prandtl Number for Small-Scale Dynamo
    Phys. Rev. Lett., 92, 054042
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Massive star formation: nurture not nature
    MNRAS, 349, 735
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Turbulent magnetic Prandtl number and magnetic diffusivity quenching from simulations
    A&A, 411, 321
    Paper available from ADS.

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    ApJ, 612, 276
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from the APS.

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    MNRAS, 248, 111.
    Paper available from ADS.

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    MNRAS, 346, L36
    Paper available from ADS.

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    A&A, 409, 813
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Gradient particle magnetohydrodynamics: a Lagrangian particle code for astrophysical MHD
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    Paper available from ADS.

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    On the evolution of giant protoplanets forming in circumbinary discs
    MNRAS, 345, 233
    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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    MNRAS, 339, 993
    Paper available from ADS.

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    The interaction of a giant planet with a disc with MHD turbulence II: The interaction of the planet with the disc
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    Paper available from ADS.

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    Paper available from ADS.

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